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Project: Script for MySQL Windows Featured Project!
ID: 1136926419

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 1/10/2006 at 15:53 (GMT)
Bidding Ends: 1/17/2006 at 15:53 (GMT) (expired)
Project Creator: kf7
Rating: (No Feedback Yet)
Description: 1. Must be a page that opens in a web browser. ASP is preferred, but can be PHP, Perl....

2. Must save all values previously entered upon opening the page.

3. Must be able to redetect all product categories (CATEGORY) and sub categories (MFG) in the db for new categories/sub categories. For instance, add a "redetect" button to add new categories/sub categories--but all existing values entered must be saved when new categories are added.

4. Must be able to set DISCOUNT from RETAIL_PRICE column in db for each CATEGORY or sub category (MFG).
For instance, place a text box next to each CATEGORY and sub category (MFG), where a DISCOUNT from the retail price can be entered. If a valued is entered in a txt box for a category, then that overrides the values for the sub categories (MFG). But if no value is entered for the CATEGORY, then the values for the individual sub categories (MFG) applies. If no DISCOUNT is entered into a txt box, then no DISCOUNT applies. The process of setting the discounts is the amount from the RETAIL_PRICE column for each product record is reduced by the percentage of the DISCOUNT and is written to the PRICE column (after rounding--see #10).

5. Must be able to enter a percentage DISCOUNT off the RETAIL_PRICE with a value that is 2 decimal places on either side of the decimal point. In other words, the range of DISCOUNT must be from 00.00 (no DISCOUNT off RETAIL_PRICE) to 99.99% off the RETAIL_PRICE.

6. Must have check boxes in front of each product CATEGORY to NOT update these prices. If a check box is in front of a product CATEGORY and it is checked, then that product CATEGORY and sub categories (MFG) under it are NOT updated.

7. Must have a way at the top of the page to check all product CATEGORY/sub categories (MFG) and uncheck them all. There must be an alert box asking for confirmation of the action. If all check boxes are unchecked, any discounts already entered in the txt boxes should be retained, but they won't be applied, when the script is run.

8. Must have a way at the top of the GUI to clear all DISCOUNT amounts. There must be an alert box asking for confirmation of this action.

9. Must write DISCOUNTs amounts to DISCOUNTS column in db.

10. Must read a toggle column (SCRIPTS) in the db that will exclude individual price changes from the script. A value of "0" means these prices are subject to change by the script (if the script is set to change prices in these CATEGORY or MFG records). A value of "1" means these prices will not be changed by the script.

11. Must be able to set the last digit of the final price (PRICE column). For instance, place a txt box next to each product CATEGORY and sub category (MFG). The txt box must accept values from 0 to 9 as the last digit in the PRICE of the products. To achieve this final PRICE after the DISCOUNT is applied, the PRICE must be rounded DOWN. For instance, if 9 is entered into the last digit txt box, then the RETAIL_PRICE is reduced by the amount of the DISCOUNT and then rounded down to a PRICE that ends in the nearest 9. For instance, if the PRICE after DISCOUNT is $10.98, and the last digit is supposed to be a 9, then the PRICE after rounding down is $10.89 and NOT $10.99, because the PRICE is always rounded DOWN to achieve a PRICE with the specified last digit. And if no last digit is entered in the txt box, then whatever the final PRICE after discount is used (without the rounding or last digit specified).

12. Must check pricing when script runs or create a separate "Check Price" button that will return error message if the WHOLESALE_PRICE exceeds the final selling PRICE. The error message should return the PRODUCT_ID and brief message.
Attached File: test.htm
  • Software & Technology
  • Web Design & Development
Your Geographic Location: North America
Project Size: Tiny

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indtel $ 100 10 day(s) 3/9/2007 at 23:57 (GMT)
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Founded in 1999 by a group of IT professionals in INDIA Web development & customized software limited company. Team size of 20 over 4 geographical locations.
kq4 $ 250 4 day(s) 1/11/2006 at 0:06 (GMT)
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Can do this in PHP in about 4 days. i would need clarification on design layout from you before starting.
thilakraj $ 750 30 day(s) 12/6/2010 at 7:23 (GMT)
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Hello, I represent Credent Business Solutions. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and have offshore development center in Mangalore, India. Regards, Thilak Raj
tarunonline $ 900 30 day(s) 8/28/2006 at 19:32 (GMT)
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pls see PMB..
shahdeepwd $ 1000 15 day(s) 5/19/2011 at 10:23 (GMT)
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Hi, Thanks to post your project. We have an excellent experts on Database Application who use MYSQL, SQL , Foxpro etc. Please see our details on PM.
cdedios $ 1000 30 day(s) 12/23/2006 at 10:39 (GMT)
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Dear Sir: Our team has taken a close look at your requirements and has come up with a solution with most competitive bidding rates. Contact us. We are Ready!
cathy $ 1000 25 day(s) 2/15/2006 at 16:00 (GMT)
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Hi, I am Cathy. We are new to this site. Please see the PMB. Best Regards, Cathy.
subanbv $ 1500 25 day(s) 1/13/2006 at 22:02 (GMT)
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Hi Pinny, I'm ready to handle this project and if you can reach me we can have further discussions about your project. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Suban

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