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Project: Freelance quotes clone
ID: 1067963664
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: Maximum $ $100
Created: 11/4/2003 at 11:34 (GMT)
Bidding Ends: 11/9/2003 at 11:34 (GMT) (expired)
Project Creator: opix
Rating: (No Feedback Yet)
Description: I'd like a clone of this site....www.freelancequotes.com with a few alterations of course !
  • Software & Technology
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia
Your Geographic Location: Western Europe
Project Size: Small

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Messages Posted: 6

Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
$ day(s) 12/31/1969 at 19:00 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
himanshu $ 75 3 day(s) 2/26/2004 at 4:59 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
vasantici $ 77 5 day(s) 12/30/2003 at 12:21 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
I would like open discussion regarding your project and how I could provide a superior product at a reasonable price. Please give me 18 minutes of your time to tell you more about myself and the services I can provide to you. All I ask is that you give me the opportunity to speak with you, you have nothing to lose?. Please speak with me before you make a decision on this project. Thank you for your time.
vijaybarade $ 80 5 day(s) 12/30/2003 at 3:35 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
vijay-k $ 100 3 day(s) 12/16/2003 at 6:26 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
srinununna $ 100 5 day(s) 12/7/2003 at 9:38 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
hello sir we had past experience in such projects,i wanna have a chat on the project.we have clients from us and isreal and i can send u the clients recommendations. plesae contact me srinununna@yahoo.com icq no 285609906 srinununna7@hotmail.com thanking you sir regards srinivas
niftysoft $ 250 5 day(s) 7/3/2004 at 22:46 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
Hi There, Niftysoft Solution is a leading IT services company providing solutions across the globe. Niftysoft Solution is staffed by a large team of extremely professionals with a strong background in IT field and having extensive experience in various modules to meet the rigid standards of quality. Each member of the team understands the importance of quality services and rigorously follows QA processes laid down by the company. Please open pMB for further discussions. Regards, Siva -Niftysoft.
progboys $ 500 20 day(s) 11/5/2003 at 3:16 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
Hello, We will glad to make it for you. Thanks!
D. Origano $ 550 5 day(s) 11/23/2004 at 17:10 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
A hundred dollars is a bit to less in our honest opinion. But we from Edora LLC always offer our very best services. So you will always receive lots of support, the cleanest designs and the best coding; of all the WWW. Please contact us before you make a decision.
richfair $ 700 5 day(s) 11/4/2003 at 14:09 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
I can complete this in 5 days as per PMB. I would require 50% when the first working clone is demonstrated, and 50% when the modifications are complete. (time spent waiting for payment does not count against the 5 days). I really look forward to doing businses with you!
webtheon $ 842 15 day(s) 11/6/2003 at 12:50 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
it_freeks $ 1500 25 day(s) 4/24/2004 at 8:14 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
We promise quality within constraints.
neuroman $ 1500 26 day(s) 11/12/2003 at 5:38 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
Are you out of your mind? Hundred bucks for this? Why don't you ask the site owners what does it cost them? Or better, ask them if they are willing to actually MADE IT A GIFT for you? Sheesh
filezsite $ 1800 15 day(s) 11/4/2003 at 11:42 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
mxindia $ 2000 25 day(s) 4/23/2004 at 7:43 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
Ours a Back-end Solutions TEAM with a strong forte for BPO & other web focused outsourcing option, & also have an outlook for potent services areas viz., Online Hardware Selling, Web Solutions, Customer Care Services.
bevolex $ 2000 70 day(s) 11/5/2003 at 6:08 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
bevolex guaranty
JFS $ 2000 15 day(s) 11/4/2003 at 12:22 (GMT)
(No Feedback Yet)
i can also do the site totally in flash in you want...for more $400 and more 10days, contact me for further details

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